we are manufacturer of power cords, cord sets, cable assembly, harness, audio video cables, computer data cables, networking cables, telephone communication cables, cellular phone cables, battery charger cables, coiled cables, medical cables, adaptors, power connectors, AC Inlet, linear power supply, switching power supply, cased or open frame, power supply, AC/DC or DC/DC, power adaptors, battery charger, transformers, Pin, socket, terminal block, custom rf cables, SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, MCX, MMCX, CHAMP, PCMCIA, USB, V.35, SCSI, D-Sub, Din, Flat Ribbon, XLR, RCA

Product List
80P Connector
ATA Connector
BJ Series LAN/Modem Jack
Cellular Phone/Battery Charger Plug
Centronic Connector (I.D.C.Type)
Centronic Connector (Molded Type)
Centronic Connector Assemble Type)
Cigarette Plug, standard type, with indicator
Cigarette Plug, with DC/DC indicator, Mini size
Circular Din Connector
Coaxial D-Sub Connector
D Subminiature
DC Connector, 3 Pos
DC Connector, 4 Pos
DC Plug, Multi - Pole
DC Power Plug, Right angle, locking type
DC Power Plug, straight type
DIN Plug
DVI Connector
Edge Connector
German Telephone Plug
High Density Connector
High Density D-Subminiature
IEEE 1394 - 4 Position
IEEE 1394 - 6 Position
IEEE 1394 Adaptor
IEEE 488 Molded Type / Ass'Y Type
LAN/Modem Combination Jack
Low Profile Hood Connector
Mini 4P Connector
Mini Din Adapter
Mini Din Connector
Mini FIT Power Connector
Modular Plug
Multi Pole Connector, Assembly Type, Molded Type
NB LCD Panel Cable
PCMCIA I/O Cable, Series I, Series III
Phone Plug/Jack, Mono Plug, Mono Jack, Stereo Plug, Stereo Jack
Power Cords
RF Connectors
SCART Connector
SDL Connector
Serial ATA Connector
Socket Connector
Special Connector for Medical Application
USB Changer Adaptor
USB Chargers
USB Plug "A" Type
USB Plug "A" Type - Mini
USB Plug "B" Type
USB Plug "B" Type - Mini
USB to PS2 Adaptor
V.35 Plug
Wide SCSI Connector